Organic Jaggery Powder 1 LB


  • Organic Jaggery Powder is produced from sugarcane cultivated in organic farms at the foothills of Himalayas without application of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Processing is done without using any toxic and harsh chemicals used to clarify cane sugar.
  • It is derived from the process of evaporation of raw sugarcane juice without separating the molasses from the crystals.
  • It is characterised with a soft texture. Colour of Organic Jaggery powder varies from yellow to dark brown.
  • Unlike refined sugar coming from chemical processing
  • It is often used in place of sugar for sweetening the beverages in rural India.
  • None of the traditional Indian sweets are baked without addition of Jaggery powder.


100% Organic
Chemical Free
GMO Free
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Organic Jaggery Powder

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